So after many many unfortunate events that involved a lab flood, a pair of stolen and destroyed glasses, and more rain than any person should have to stand, we’re happy to present our first podcast!  Alcohol and running–how they mix, should they mix, and what terrible things might happen in the event of their mixing.

As we produce each podcast, we’ll make sure we link up all the studies we cite in the podcast, so here they are in order of mention.

Did you know you can win an Olympic Marathon while eating a combination of brandy and strychnine?  Or that the world mile record while drinking beer is only just a minute slower? Turns out good drinkers can be good runners.

TL:DR version?

It’s not entirely clear what impact alcohol has on athletic performance.  It certainly isn’t a great idea to get drunk before running, but moderate alcohol consumption on a general basis will likely not do any harm.  You’ll also probably be able to run just fine while moderately hungover, but like any other time you run, gauge how you’re feeling and make sure you’re well hydrated.   As for that post-run beer?  Keep it to one or two and you won’t be undoing your good work, but it’s probably not a great idea to have more than that (and that’s probably good advice in general!).

The story of Thomas Hicks

Running increases rat ethanol preference

Runners drink more than non-runners

Exercise on any given day increases the chances of consuming alcohol

Drinking before a run is a bad idea

The Beer Mile!

Hangovers don’t decrease running performance the next morning

VERY hungover mice have a harder time running

A small amount of drinking after a run doesn’t cause problems in muscle repair

A larger amount of alcohol can decrease recovery of peak performance

A small amount of alcohol doesn’t change glycogen replenishment, as long as you eat enough

Drinking a small amount of beer after a run doesn’t worsen dehydration

Enjoy all the sciencey goodness!


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