First it starts with a 5K. Next thing you know your child has moved onto a 10K, then a half marathon, then even a full marathon. Spending hours every week feeding this disgusting habit. And by disgusting I mean nipple chafing and foot blisters.  

Why do people run? In our last episode we talked about the health benefits of running, which I’m pretty certain a lot of people probably run for that reason, maybe even exclusively, or at least get started for health reasons — but MAYBE lots of people also run because… well… they get high.

What do we conclude?

It seems pretty clear that you can get high from running.  Now, whether this is relatively mild changes in pain perception, or slightly elevated mood following running, or getting outright blitzed mid-run seems to vary between runners, but it’s good to know at least the mild form is repeatable!  We still don’t really know the mechanisms–there might be endorphins, but that’s a hard thing to be sure of.  Endocannabinoids seem like a pretty likely candidate too, but the case is far from settled!  The best evidence we have suggests that a 30 minute run at 70-80% of your maximum heart rate (not too fast!) seems to make most runners feel good.  

Smoking pot recreationally before running doesn’t seem to have the negative effects you might think it does–since it’s a bronchodilator. But since it also increases heart rate, it doesn’t seem like it would be helpful to smoke up pre race (maybe just for a training run). Whether or not pot is a performance enhancing drug is still being sorted out, but there’s no blaring sign that you *shouldn’t* occasionally smoke up before running if it’s legal in your jurisdiction.  Just take ‘er easy.

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