In part two of Gender and Sex, we discuss the ludicrous idea that the Nazis entered a man into the women’s field of running, “nude parades” at the Olympics, the effects of gender transition on athletic performance and grading, rules governing trans-athletes, and a summary of our off-microphone interview with Kai Scott on how running clubs can be more trans-inclusive.

Science Discussed:

The effect of testosterone on red blood cells and natural variability in testosterone

Since formal tests for female eligibility were introduced in 1966, no man has been identified in a women’s event at international competitions

An interview with Joanna Harper, medical physicist, distance runner, and adviser to the IOC on transgender issues

The history of “gender testing” in the Olympics

Latest research on the prevalence of transgender people in the USA

Hormone replacement therapy for transgender people

Trans women run slower after hormone therapy

Adding or blocking testosterone has major effects on muscle mass and hematocrit

Trans women are no faster than cis women

Transgender people have no competitive edge over cis people

Comprehensive list of athletic trans policies

An interview with Chris Mosier, trans athlete.

Wondering how you can make your running club or other athletic team more trans-inclusive?

Check out TransFocus or the Vancouver Frontrunners’ trans policy for an example.


Episode 5: Gender and Sex – Part 1