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Data-driven and Science Based Running

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Every day, millions of runners are collecting billions of data points.

What if you could use that data to run faster, longer, and better?

Most training plans are either one size fits all or built assuming you’re an elite athlete.  Using Artificial Intelligence and the data you’re already collecting, SciRunner is figuring out what works for each individual runner.

SciRunner is developing a collection of tools for runners, built from their own data.

SciRunner is going to be able to compare how weather, elevation, and distance affects your running speed, and how your individual strengths and weaknesses stack up to other runners.  Then, using that data, SciRunner builds individualized training plans to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

Coming Soon.

How can you use SciRunner?

Know that your race is going to happen on a hot day?
SciRunner can suggest, based on your past data, how much you need to moderate your pace.

Is your race course hilly?
SciRunner can build you a plan to run hills stronger and better, with paces suggested by your own running data.

Want to place higher in your gender and age category?
SciRunner can compare the effects of weather and terrain on your running speed to other runners, then suggest the type of race that would maximize your relative speed.  If you are especially fast in hot weather compared to other runners, a summer race should help you place higher.

Do you struggle with pacing?
SciRunner can tell you after every run how well you paced, and suggest what speed to start your training run at (it’s usually slower than you expect!).

Coming Soon.